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Xmedia offers the highest quality state-of-the-art systems and component selection for commercial and home theater systems Minneapolis has to offer. We custom design, sell, and professionally install everything you need to accommodate your home theater or commercial theater system requirements.

Home Theater Installation MInneapolis

Home theater systems with custom home theater design possibilities are endless. Xmedia can work within your budget to find the right solution for your home theater space. Xmedia offers you the benefits of having competitive (and often far below) retail store pricing, as well as installation experts with years of experience in custom home theater and wireless home theater systems.

Xmedia's home theater installation experts can advise you on the top installation tips and considerations when planning a new home theater or audio surround sound installation. Room size, speaker placement, sound control panels, and audio system capabilities all play an important role in your home theaters success.


Today, home theater design possibilities are endless. Choosing the right company for your component installation is key to your theaters success. Xmedia has years of experience in all of the necessary areas you'll need to combine for a true home theater experience. Including audio installation, video installation, speaker installation, structured wiring and control panel installation.

1) TV Installation Minneapolis

TV installation or projection system installation is the first step in building a successful home theater. It's important to consider the size and dimensions of the room your theater will occupy when selecting the right TV or projection screen for your theater. Another important choice is the selection of a plasma screen tv verses LED-LCD television. Depending upon the amount of light your home theater will incur during prime use can make a difference between optimum screen picture delivery. Xmedia's team of experts can assist you in all of your video selection and video installation needs.

2) Home Audio Installation Minneapolis

Home audio speaker installation or surround sound speaker installation is the other critical factor in a home theater system. The size of your theater will determine the need for speaker decibel, surround sound placement, and individual components such as subwoofers, amplifiers and soundproofing. Speaker installation placement in combination with the seating locations in your room is important for a true home theater experience.

3) Structured Wiring Minneapolis

Professional wiring for your home theater not only allows for the flexibility and accessibility you'll need to create a truly beautiful and functional home theater, it's also a sound investment for the safety and reliability of your home.

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Home theaters offer a relaxing alternative to the inconvenience and high cost of commercial theaters. Relax in the privacy of your own home and enjoy theater quality experience. Once you've had the benefits of a quality home theater system in your home, you'll never regret the choice you've made to go with the premier audio and video services of Xmedia's home theater experts.