Video surveillance systems, Minneapolis, MN

Xmedia offers video surveillance systems for your home or commercial business. We have a wide selection of security cameras, closed circuit television cameras, video monitors and digital recorders. View live and recorded network video right from your laptop, desktop, PDA, or touch screen computer.

video surveillance cameras

We carry a full selection of surveillance cameras. Night vision and low-light cameras, infrared and wireless security cameras. Xmedia's team can find the right surveillance system for you.

surveillance Monitors

We offer a range of video security monitors from colored monitors to black and white, plasma, LCD, and rackmount monitors. Weather you need a high resolution security surveillance system or a basic closed-circuit system, Xmedia can provided you the equipment you need for any application.

Digital Recorders

Xmedia provides DVRs (digital video recorders) and VCRs (video cassette recorders). DVR is the preferred method or capturing video surveillance information. Security DVRs can record multiple security channels, store long blocks of footage, simplify storage and viewing.

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